Vittorio Milone

100_6516Vittorio Milone is a PhD Student at the University of Napoli ‘L’Orientale’ on the socio-political implications of making/(bio)hacking practices. He holds an MA degree (with honors) from the University “L’Orientale” in Naples, Italy, with a final thesis on ‘Ethics, Cultures and Practices of Technological (Re)appropriation in the Hacker World’. He is researching mainly along the topics of hacking, personal fabrication, biohacking and software studies and is also actively involved in creating open source software and hardware prototypes of ‘proprietary’ devices such as, for example, ‘natural user interfaces’ for disabled people, mainly working with tools such as Python, Processing, Arduino and other Linux-embedded development boards. He published an article for a peer-reviewed Italian journal on the relationship between hackers and political innovation and recently presented a position paper on the political role of hacking at an international conference at the University of Nottingham, UK. He has gathered a fairly long working experience as a (certified) system administrator and as a coordinator in international (multimedia/interactive) cultural projects.

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