Stefano Silvestri

ioStefano Silvestri holds an MA degree in Electronic Music and New Technology at Conservatory of Naples with Agostino Di Scipio: he is also an undergraduate student in Computer Science at the Federico II University. He specializes in Algorithmic Composition and Musical Signal Processing, researching in the fields of: electro-acoustic, musical complexity and Sound Emergency, chaotic signals, internal-feedback, stochastic music, also designs circuits for: sound synthesis, Interaction design, Physical computing, Human-computer interfaces, systems for installations. He uses many open source hardware/software tools, programming for example in Arduino, Processing, SuperCollider, Pure Data. His publications and compositions have been presented in computer music and electronics-related events, such as: CIM “Colloquio di Informatica Musicale”, Maker Faire Rome 2013, Art of Sound, Sound of Art, La Terra Fertile, Settimana Italiana delle Arti, MusiC-Age, Premio Nazionale delle Arti, Emu-meeting, Microcosmos “Le Arti del Suono” Dissonanzen, DI_stanze, ScarlattiLabElectronics, Centenario della nascita di John Cage, Panorama Festival. Some of his works have been published on CD by “Die ZEIT Schachtel” label.

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