Source code for current version (0.16) is available here.

Kronoword is a tool written in Python to help to automatize the processes of decoding during reading in  dyslexic people by means of leaving the visual stimulus on the screen for a given (variable) period of time. It adds to the traditional tachistoscope the possibility to exercise reading, reading and writing of the given stimulus, silent reading (by means of the so-called ‘lexical judgment’, useful to train reading skills although not reading aloud) and meta-phonological analysis. It also supports low-cost capacitive sensors as input method and “natural user interfaces” and therefore it might also be used by people with ‘heavy disabilities’, such as for example children with brain paralysis. The tool wants to be an example of building a low-cost open source fully customizable alternative to existing and much more expensive proprietary solutions.

 kronoword1       kronoword2

Source code for current version (0.16) is available here.

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